Bruce Jobling

Bruce has been a solicitor for 40 years, starting his career in a traditional Northamptonshire “High Street” firm. For the next twenty years or so he honed the traditional lawyers skills of advocacy, negotiation, kindly representation, and, above all, good judgment. During that time he became experienced in a variety of areas of practice, including criminal advocacy, property, matrimonial and family law, and wills and probate, but thereafter he gradually specialised into commercial property, business and company law. With experience in the aviation, transport, construction, telecoms and pub industries particularly, he has acted for and expertly guided businesses, not only in their times of success but also when in serious difficulties. His expertise in the licensed trade, acting for a number of pub companies with substantial property portfolios, has been invaluable.

Bruce became a partner in the firm in 1995, since when he has not only acted in a number of very high profile cases – including criminal tax and banking fraud litigation – but has also dealt with company mergers and acquisitions, acting in a number of interesting and specialised situations, including acting in an initial £25 million cash deal taking a publicly listed company back into private hands for the buyer (who then invested a further £750 million into the acquired company), and advising private companies on a public listing. Bruce brings an imaginative, creative and, above all, practical approach to solving his clients’ problems.