Wills and Probate


A Will is a legal document by which the Testator (the person making the Will) appoints his or her Executor and Trustee of the Will.  The Executor and Trustee is the person responsible for carrying out the wishes of the Testator following death.  Any individual may make a Will provided they have the necessary mental capacity.  All Wills must comply with certain requirements as set out in the Wills Act to be valid.

It is important for your peace of mind, to make a Will thereby giving you greater control over your affairs following your death.  It enables you to choose what happens to your Estate.  If you do not leave a Will, the law provides for a set procedure as to what happens to your Estate.  This is set out in Statute and the Estate will then be distributed in accordance with that Statute.  These are known as “Intestacy Rules”.  Our specialist lawyers will ensure that your needs are properly catered for and with their experience and expertise, will provide you with the necessary peace of mind and confidence that your needs have been met by the relevant advice.


Probate can be a very complex area of law.  Howell & Co aim to assist you through that process in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.  A Probate will be granted by the Probate Registry following an application by the Personal Representative named in the Will.  If there is no Will, the term given to the grant of representation is “Letters of Administration

Whatever your needs are, Howell & Co are here to help.

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